KVANT at Prolight + Sound 2017

KVANT at Prolight + Sound 2017

Short summary of us at the PLS 2017

We can’t remember how many times we attended the world’s biggest trade fair focused on sound and lighting in Frankfurt, but this year again we brought with us some new exciting products and developments and also THE show of the Hall 5.0.

Big THANKS to all the visitors who came to our booth and for their feedback which made this whole event really worth of doing. Also thanks to everyone who entered the Laser Quiz Prolight 2017 - the winners will be announced in the next newsletter.

The laser-packed, multimedia live-dance show was put together by our International Laser Display Awards winning production team. The setup included the following equipment:

  • 3 x KVANT Spectrum 20, high power full colour OPSL based laser display system
  • 37 x KVANT Clubmax 3000, full colour diode laser display system
  • 8 x KVANT L-beam, dual colour single beam laser
  • 40 x Pangolin FB4-MAX laser control interface
  • 16 x Laser bar with LED, low power single colour laser bar with warm white LEDs
  • 6 x Moving head
  • 2 x Panasonic video projector, 16k ANSI
  • 10 m2 mirror LED screen P4.8
  • 9m2 LED screen P4.8
  • 4m FogScreen
  • 1 x Swefog
  • 1 x Martin Jem Glaciator
  • 6m motorised curtain
  • 2 x Unique 2.1 hazer
  • L-acoustics sound
  • Lighting desk
  • Several computer stations

Watch KVANT Prolight 2017 show here

The new/improved products that we introduced at PLS 2017

NEW Clubmax laser series - next generation laser display system with integrated FB4 control interface.

LD laser series upgrade - low divergence upgrade that is available for some of the high power KVANT laser systems.

LD 20 Atom
LD 20 Spectrum
LD 25 Spectrum
LD 30 Spectrum

L-beam laser series - static, single colour, single beam laser, intended mainly for architectural applications.

L-beam G3600
L-beam B6000

Retroreflector - a device that reflects light back to its source with a minimum of scattering, irrespective of the angle of incidence.

Laser acousto-optic video projector - revolutionary high performance laser display system, developed for long distance laser graphic displays, scanning at blistering 1,600 000 points per second!

FogScreen - for the fist time we integrated this element into our show. The screen is water based and although it creates rich projection surface that is superb for use with lasers and video projections it won’t make your clothes damp even if you stand right in it (supplied by Screenrental, s.r.o.).

Dreamoc - unique holographic 3D display unit that outputs visually very attractive 3D objects (supplied by Screenrental, s.r.o.).

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