400 watts power


Extreme luminosity

means extreme brightness.

Visible from 20 km

and beyond.

Meet the Architect!

Built as a robust and IP65-certified container and equipped with a closed-circuit water cooling unit, the Architect laser projector outputs a 400-watt large-format full-colour static laser beam. It is ready to be used permanently in most outdoor environments.
And, due to its beam proportions, the Architect offers better visibility from great distances than any other system on the market known to us.

The optional DMX-controlled heavy-duty platform offers a 350-degree pan and 60-degree tilt of the whole Architect fixture, allowing the beam to be moved and scanned across the sky.


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Kvant Lasers - Architect W400B full-colour 400-watt sky laser high-power show projector and search light_1
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