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With over 20 years of expertise and innovation, we proudly manufacture high quality laser projectors, laser light equipment, and laser systems that are second to none. Our European-made products are the go-to choice, trusted by small clubs and world-renowned entertainers alike. When you see a mesmerising 3D laser show on stage, there's a good chance it's powered by Kvant DMX laser lights. Beyond manufacturing, we also excel in designing and deploying laser shows and multimedia displays worldwide. Our lasers have been tried, tested, and proven in countless scenarios, delivering perfection in every performance. With Kvant Lasers, you'll not only experience reliable customer support but also products that stand out, create lasting memories, and leave everyone talking about your shows. Discover the future of laser technology with Kvant Lasers today.

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Laser Projectors and Laser Light Equipment

Lasers. That's what we do best, and we are proud of our work. Whether you refer to them as laser show systems, laser lights, laser display systems, professional stage lighting lasers or party lasers, it doesn’t matter! We have got you covered. Kvant Lasers specialise in manufacturing state-of-the-art laser projectors, laser light equipment and laser systems, setting the standard for excellence in the industry. Our commitment to quality ensures that our laser projectors and laser systems stand among the finest available, making them the ultimate choice for your lighting needs.

Explore Kvant's range of laser light equipment today, and witness the future of laser technology at its best.

Kvant Laser Modules

Kvant laser modules are well regarded in the laser show segment and other industries, such as research and science. Considering the high search volume of the term 'laser modules UK', it is obvious why we are working hard on laser module improvements at all times - making our laser beam technology the best possible.

This commitment ensures that our laser projectors, laser light equipment, and laser systems stand as some of the best in the UK, meeting the diverse needs of our valued customers.

Laser Systems Technology

We specialise in designing and building laser projectors and laser systems tailored to your needs, ranging from a 2 Watt laser show system to powerful options like a 4 Watt laser, an 8 Watt laser show projector and 10 Watt laser show light that we call Clubmax 10 FB4. For those seeking high power, we offer 20 Watt and 30 Watt Spectrum lasers, available in both single and full-colour RGB, often referred to as white-light lasers. Our expertise allows us to manufacture a wide range of laser light equipment that’s within the limits of today’s laser technology. 

The increasing search interest for ‘laser light USA’ speaks volumes about the demand. Our laser light technology is FDA approved for the US marketing, adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality. If you look closely at laser system technology used across the United States, you'll discover a significant presence of Kvant Spectrum laser lights, reflecting our commitment to excellence in the industry.

Kvant Lasers: Laser Light Equipment and Laser Shows

At Kvant Lasers, our expertise extends beyond manufacturing laser projectors and laser systems. We also specialise in designing and deploying laser shows and multimedia shows on a global scale. In fact, when you witness a 3D laser show illuminating the state, there’s a great likelihood that it is powered by our state-of-the-art Kvant DMX laser lights. From 3 Watt to 20 Watt lasers, our Kvant laser projectors are versatile and designed to meet the demands of any show, setting the standard for professional laser lights.

All Kvant laser projectors are designed and manufactured as professional laser lights. We have been doing it all for many years, and by the look of the situation on the stage laser market, we are doing it quite well. And for sure, we aim even higher. So why not become one of many happy customers of Kvant Lasers?