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HOW TO install SafetyScan lens onto Atom & Spectrum laser systems

Lasers by Kvant

Lasers. That’s what we do best and we are proud of our work. You may call them laser show systems, laser lights, laser display systems, professional stage lighting lasers, show lasers or party lasers - it doesn’t matter. We manufacture them all and we make them as good as possible.

Laser light technology / Laser systems technology

We can design and build for you 2 Watt laser show system, 4 Watt laser, 8 Watt laser show projector, 10 Watt laser show light called Clubmax 10 FB4 or even 20 Watt and 30 Watt high power Spectrum laser, both in single colour or in full colour RGB (so called white-light lasers). In fact, we are able to design and manufacture about any laser system that’s within the limits of today’s most modern laser systems technology.
People search for ‘laser light USA’ more often than ever and guess why. Our laser light technology is FDA approved for the U.S market and if you look closely to laser system technology used across the states you realise how many Kvant Spectrum laser lights are around.

Kvant laser modules are too well regarded in laser show segment and other industries. And considering the high search volume for the term ‘laser modules uk’, it is obvious why we are working hard on laser module improvements at all times, making our laser beam technology the best possible.

Laser show or Lasershow?

We also design and produce laser shows and multimedia shows including laser displays world-wide. And even when it isn’t our Kvant laser show production crew doing the show, there’s a great chance, that the 3D laser show you see coming from the stage towards you is done by some Kvant DMX laser lights rather than by other stage lighting. 3 Watt laser, 5 Watt laser or maybe 20 Watt laser Kvant can be used for any show, as all Kvant laser projectors are designed as professional laser lights.

We have been doing it all for many years and by the look of the situation on the stage lasers market we are doing it quite well. And for sure we aim even higher. So why not to become one of many happy customers of Kvant?