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Who we are

In nearly 30 years of making lasers we have achieved a great deal. Some of the world’s biggest entertainers and brands use our lasers in their shows, and we have claimed our spot among the best in the industry.

The big question is….what’s next?
The answer to this is our philosophy and a worthy challenge : To push further and continuously improve. Everyday better than yesterday.

And the only way to do that is to find the best available people and let them excel in what they love – their area of expertise. This, and a shared passion for excellence in all details, enables us to harness the synergy towards crafting extraordinary products.

It works. Ultimately the proof is in the results and satisfaction of our clients.

Why choose KVANT?

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the gallery and references and see for yourself. Just know that with KVANT, you get this:

  • 20 years worth of experience and innovation in every product.
  • Tried, tested and proven lasers used everywhere from small clubs to huge shows for the world’s leading companies and entertainers.
  • European-made products that perform to perfection.
  • Reliable customer support.

Our programmers having sleepless fun

Exhibition team 2015

Our mission

Our mission is to keep improving and making the best lasers with the best people and for those who want to produce the very best shows.



So it begins

It all started with a small business making laser teaching aids. Little did we know what would happen when two high-capacity brains joined forces to establish a new company – KVANT.


The show starts

This was when we started to get into laser shows. And people loved our shows so much that we were invited to perform our first big show abroad. Big thing! Our lasers at that time were also a big thing. So big and heavy, in fact, that it took almost 2 hours to load on a plane. Sorry for the delay, folks.


Fast forward

As the industry moved forward, so did we. It’s a bit mind-boggling now to look back and see that in 2000, a single 150 mW Kvant laser cost about 10 000,- €. Today, that’s quite enough to fully equip a moderately large dance club.


Kingdom for a laser

A certain Martin Gabco sold his apartment to buy a KVANT laser. True story. We can’t judge the profitability of such an investment, but the fact is that to this day Martin is our revered show developer. Thanks Martin!


Climbing upwards

Two important milestones: we were awarded ISO 9001:2008 and became a member of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA).

That year we also developed CUBOX - probably the first DMX controller for laser display systems that could play shows from SD card. Back then its profile was embedded even in MA lighting consoles.


Law and order

A major event in the life of KVANT! Dušan Navara joined and has been a member of the Dream Team ever since. And with him came law and order. Well, more like law – the order took couple more years to arrive.


In-house development

Mr Viktor joins our fast growing team and the quality of our laser modules improves enormously. Very quickly KVANT laser modules became supreme in their class.


Can we make it better?

In the on-going drive for better quality, we established a CNC workshop to oversee every detail to and to craft top-notch products.

2011 - 2012

Constantly improving

We released eLite - our very first KVANT Pure Diode laser. Result? Our first (of many) ILDA award. We were also a finalist in the Ernst&Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, and claimed our place among the most successful companies in our country.



This year was one proof after another, which showed that our approach was the right one. To pick just a few highlights, we were awarded the Slovak Gold quality certificate, our lasers passed TÜV laser security tests, and we became “Innovative Company of the Year” in the competition “Diamonds of Slovak Business” organized by Forbes and Enterprise Investors.



With all the pieces in place, we picked up the pace. Now we sell our products by the thousands instead of hundreds as in previous years. Awards also keep coming and we won our already 18th ILDA award in Dubai.

2016 and forward

What’s next?

After all those years, we still love what we do. And, never being ones to settle, our next goal is clear: to keep improving and making the best products. Promise.



In the past three years, we moved forward big time, and together with our friends from Pangolin, we see things going better and brighter!
We moved into a new building, three times the size of the old one, and besides modernisation of all departments and the product range, we also manufactured our first 300 Watt Architect sky laser.


Our lasers have been developed, tested and perfected during 20 years of use in shows big and small and in every scenario you can think of. So we can proudly stand behind our products and say: They work. They really, really work. And they make shows that stand out, are remembered and get people talking.

If that’s what you were looking for, look no further.
Just scroll down to see what we can do for you.

What we do

Equipment for sale

We only sell products that work, solve your needs and add value. So whether it’s KVANT or a proven product from another renowned brand, you have our guarantee and famous customer support to ensure your satisfaction.

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Laser equipment rental

If you don’t need to buy, just rent. We have over 100 laser systems ready for immediate transfer to your location, so that in a short time you can have your show pretty much anywhere in the world.

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Show production

Our expertise starts with laser shows, but it doesn’t stop there. Our award-winning multimedia production team is ready to create the show of a lifetime for you. From custom laser displays and mapping through to 3D video and holographic projections, right up to fireworks and water shows – you name it, we can do it.

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Custom development

Specific situations sometimes require specific solutions. In such cases our in-house development, design and production department is ready to take on any challenge and develop what you need, whether it’s laser module, custom accessories, or a specific task, in the field of optics.

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