RGB Laser Light Projector

RGB Laser Light Projector

You will find some good examples of professional low power RGB light laser projectors within our new range of latest Clubmax FB4 diode laser display systems. This include Clubmax 3000 FB4, Clubmax 3400 FB4, Clubmax 6000 FB4 and Clubmax 6800 FB4. All of these RGB laser light projectors will satisfy even the most demanding users and will bring quality and reliable laser performance into your venues, events and even Christmas lights.

More powerful RGB light laser projectors for large indoor venues and possibly smaller outdoor festival stages are Atom 12 and Atom 15 laser diode-based projectors. For large outdoor events, we then recommend our Spectrum and Spectrum LD range which are powerful and highly visible lasers on long throw distances, and which are used by many pro-level productions around the world.

RGB Laser Light Projector explained

What is called “RGB laser light projector” - in the entertainment industry, is a device that can emit red, green and blue laser beams simultaneously within one single beam, and at the same time modulate intensity of each colour => therefore being able to output thousands of secondary mixed colours, covering most of the visible spectrum of light. If RGB light laser colours are mixed in the right ratio, the resulting laser beam is white.

RGB light laser projector can be also very often called a full-colour laser display system or white-light laser.

RGB laser light projectors: KVANT Clubmax 3000 FB4 & Spectrum 20 (big one)

The quality and precision of secondary mixed laser colours including white are defined by many factors of which the major ones are temperature stability of the system; size, shape and divergence of red, green and blue laser light beam; and modulation performance of each laser module within the laser system. It is also important to use a quality laser control system (for example via ILDA, DMX or ArtNET) and set up all the parameters correctly in the laser control software so your full-colour laser runs at its best.

As with any type of laser display equipment (and we don't mean laser pointer), there are many cheap RGB lasers on the market, few decent ones and some incredibly (and also unnecessarily) expensive ones. These days, the majority of laser sources in low and medium power lasers are semiconductor laser diodes. There are dozens of different laser diodes available on the market, that can be used for laser module manufacturing. The final price of RGB laser light projector will always somehow reflect the quality of laser diodes and beam shaping optical components used in that particular RGB light laser projector (but doesn't have to be astronomical).

Commonly used wavelengths of semiconductor laser diodes for RGB laser light projector manufacturing are 635-660nm for red colour, 520nm for green colour and 445-460nm for blue colour lasers. The output power of such laser modules can be anything like 1W, 2W, 5W or virtually any wattage you like, currently up to about 30W per laser colour.

637nm diode laser light module - used in high power RGB laser light projectors

Most of the customers will go after a full-colour laser display system rather than a single colour laser. RGB laser light projectors are a lot more versatile than single colour light projectors and they will be suitable for about 95% of all laser display applications.

RGB laser light projectors manufactured by Kvant cover the whole range of output powers, from low power lasers that are suitable for underground clubs and small party venues to powerful laser display systems that are used at large scale events such as festivals, tours and for long-distance outdoor advertising.