Sky Lasers

Sky Lasers

Will SKY LASERS replace conventional searchlights and space cannons?

The new Architect range of high-power static-beam lasers (sometimes called sky lasers or landmark lasers) is our reaction to globally increasing demand for super bright lasers.

These are great for highlighting significant landmarks, structures and buildings.

Sky laser KVANT Architect 300 projecting above Slovakian capital

The beam coming out of the Architect systems draws attention from many miles away. It adds a great deal of sublimity to already majestic nature-made, or human-made objects, making them even more unique, appealing and desirable.

The Architect is a semiconductor diode laser, manufactured as a full-colour RGB or single colour system, with optical power output ranging from 55 up to 1,000 Watts. The current most powerful version delivers enormous 325,000 lumens and outputs the beam of size approx 900 x 900 mm (at the source).

The low divergence of any Architect in the range ensures clean and relatively tight beam even high up in the sky.

One could argue that there are already many existing lighting fixtures that are suitable for these kinds of installations. And that is true. But our solution, when compared to traditional discharge space lights, offers much more flexibility and some indisputable and vital advantages:

  • high-efficiency output
  • low consumption
  • long lifespan of the light source
  • low beam divergence
  • range of colours
  • small footprint
  • low maintenance requirements

2020 design of Architect 300 sky laser

We offer a couple of different options for internal cooling of the system, each suitable for different environments. For hot climates, the closed-circuit water cooling with external chiller is the better option. It keeps the laser diodes running at a very comfortable temperature, no matter what's happening outside. And don't worry - this is not the old school 3-phase water cooling used for lasers decades ago.

The standard cooling with an airflow works well too, but only in the cold to mild climates.

It just seems that the days of conventional space cannons and searchlights are gone and the time has come to swap them with the new laser technology. And we, here at KVANT, are on top of that game, so let's work together and make things better and more vivid.

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Architect 55 sky lasers used at architectural installation in Shanghai

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