Disco & club laser

Disco & club laser

Disco laser, Club laser, 3D laser or ILDA laser?

So-called “Disco”, “Club” or “3D” lasers are devices that should be able to perform atmospheric and graphical laser effects to visually entertain audiences in smaller indoor venues like clubs, bars and discos.

There are hundreds of disco and club lasers available on the market, but unfortunately, majority of these are not satisfactory when it comes to the quality of build, laser safety features and ability to perform quality laser effects. And no matter how they are called, they all perform pretty much the same way.

ILDA is an acronym for International Laser Display Association, but it also represents the standardised laser signal protocol used by the majority of laser manufacturers.
The fact that a laser is ILDA compatible (meaning you can control it from any ILDA compatible control system) does not give you any quality assurance at all. Even the cheapest and worst lasers can be “ILDA”.

3D lasers are a bit of a myth and just part of marketing tricks. Any laser can create a 3rd dimension by projecting into space. Lasers can have various additional effects mounted in for different purposes, but those have hardly anything to do with 3D projection.

Most of disco and club lasers are imported from far east and many of these get rebranded so they look like they are European made. The truth is, that very often they don’t meet even the basic European laser safety criteria and therefore are illegal to use in Europe and the USA as well as many other countries worldwide.
It is very important to understand that every club owner is responsible for laser safety in their venue and should choose very carefully and wisely which disco or club laser they will get.

Cheap club lasers are very often fully automatic (and so bit dangerous) and although you don’t have to and very often can’t control them, their performance is far from what a real laser show should look like.

Any KVANT Clubmax laser display system can be used as a professional replacement for the cheap disco, club, 3D, …whatever lasers.

For example, our lowest power system KVANT Clubmax 2000 will satisfy even the most demanding club owners who are after top quality, reliable and TUV certified disco laser for their venue. There are also more powerful versions of this 2nd generation, technically advanced laser display system available:

Clubmax 2000
Clubmax 3000 FB4
Clubmax 3400 FB4
Clubmax 6000 FB4
Clubmax 6800 FB4
Clubmax 10 FB4


The Clubmax 6000 FB4, 6800 FB4 and 10 FB4 are powerful enough for any large indoor laser shows for up to six thousand people.
There’s also an option to upgrade the default scanning system ScannerMax 506 that runs at 40kpps to even faster Saturn1 scanning. Saturn1 scanning system is currently the fastest scanning system available on the market and it runs at speeds up to 90kpps.

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