Laser Show

Laser Show

Laser show

A laser display show is normally an audio-visual performance that involves the use of one or more laser display systems as the source of lighting effects. Laser effects are very often synchronised to music and because of the nature of laser light, in some cases and if done properly, it can evoke the feeling of an absolute merge of sound and visual perceptions.

There are of course many different types of laser performance that could be considered as a laser display type of show. Here are the most common ones:

Atmospheric laser show - it depends on the style of music and type of an event, but usually, we aim for synchronisation of laser effects to music. This applies mainly for electronic types of music, but it is also very interesting when used together with rock, jazz and cinematic music.

This type of laser show can be done either as a live performance (laser DJ-ing) or programmed in advance and then just triggered using a time code or other method of sync.

Great for parties, concerts, raves, clubs, festivals, corporate events, theme parks.

Laser graphic shows - laser display systems can also display text, graphics, animations and even raster images. It is important to know that apart of raster frames, lasers can display only outlines of the required text, graphic files or animations. It is possible to do some colour fill within an effect or cue, but this puts an extreme load onto the scanning system and therefore it is not something usual or something we would normally do.

Laser graphic displays can be performed onto many different types of projection surface, including walls, tree-lines, fences, buildings, water screens, smoke screens, hills and during rare weather conditions even onto clouds.

3D laser mapping is also to be considered as one of the laser graphic techniques and it is very effective when combined with 3D video mapping.

It is important to understand that a laser show or laser display projector is not the same as video laser projector.

Great for weddings, advertising, corporate events, trade shows, informational or emergency signposting, town celebrations, theme parks...

Aerial outdoor shows - these may be without any sound. Quite often people want their event or place to be seen from far away and good quality and the powerful laser beam is probably the most visible medium when it comes to long-distance advertising and sky search.

Artistic/architectural type of laser show - this could be just a single beam running through a city centre or a complex installation made of many standard or customised lasers; performing something either abstract or completely defined. Also, combination of human element and lasers is considered to be an artistic type of laser show (i.e Laserman performance or any dance-with-lasers show).

There are no limits to human imagination and we believe that the best approach to jaw-dropping laser shows is actually combining different techniques and media together. The paramount when it comes to laser displays is to do them safely!

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