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Easy installation

Thanks to IP-rated connectors, you can fix the unit to its position without cables. The cables are connected afterwards, making the manipulation during the installation easy.

Descrete IP65 construction

Discrete look and robust IP65 design, tested and approved by an independent testing lab.

We increased impermeability with high-quality seals, IP65-rated connectors, and possibly the best IP-rated cooling fans on the market.

Engineered aperture

A smooth front panel with sunk aperture glass and an internal heating element around the aperture prevents the snow and ice from getting stuck at the output window and eliminates the inside dew.

18 watts


30 kpps



LogoLas 18

This 18-watt full-colour LogoLas is a professional laser display system built into an industrial-grade housing, developed for outdoor laser advertising, high visibility signage, facade illumination and crowd flow management applications.

With Logolas, you can turn virtually any flat surface into a billboard or sign that after dusk will most likely outshine any other type of lighting.

With its inbuilt control interface and IP65-rated robust build, it is a comprehensive solution for permanent installations at demanding environments.

Kvant LogoLas product video


LogoLas 18 specification table

Source | Type:

Semiconductor laser diode | Full-colour RGB laser projector


Permanent outdoor laser displays [atmospheric, abstract, text, animations]

System control:

FB4-SK [Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA | PC, Lighting Console or Autoplay]

Optional factory upgrades

Included in the package

Included in the package_Kvant LogoLas Laser Projector_icon

Laser projector

Included in the package_KVANT AC power cable_icon

AC power cable

Included in the package_Kvant Ethernet cable_icon

Ethernet cable

Included in the package_Kvant Emergency STOP with XLR cable_icon

E-STOP with XLR cable

Included in the package_Kvant interlock connector_icon

Interlock [US only]

Included in the package_LogoLas wall mount_icon

Wall mount bracket

Included in the package_Kvant laser safety keys_icon

Safety keys

Included in the package_Kvant USB drive with User manual_icon

USB drive with Manual

Included in the package_Kvant USB drive with User manual_icon

QC certificate

Included in the package_Kvant FREE Pangolin QuickShow laser control software_icon

Free QuickShow

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