Pangolin BEYOND Essentials Licence

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Licence Time: Rental License (1-month)

Licence Time

License Type: Hardware

License Type

Hardware License - When you choose this option, BEYOND software is licensed to your Pangolin hardware device. Hardware licenses are great for Permanent installs, touring, or clients who prefer a "dongle style" setup and independence from the internet (offline).

Internet License - When you choose this option, BEYOND software is licensed to your user account. This type of license is great for clients who prefer flexibility in their license structure and may desire to move the license from one PC to another.

The BEYOND software is purchased in our webshop, and after you complete the checkout, you will receive the license code via email from our server within 24 hours.

What is BEYOND?

BEYOND is a multimedia software package that helps you to integrate lasers into any setup and combine those lasers with other show components such as audio, video, pyro, and other special effects.

BEYOND allows you to design all types of laser effects - from aerial beam effects to graphics, text, logos, 3D animated objects, laser mapping sequences, and more.

Pangolin BEYOND laser control software comes in three levels, starting with Essentials.

QuickShow and BEYOND differences

QuickShow is a laser control system that includes both the latest QuickShow software and FB3QS hardware.
Whether you're new to lasers or a semi-professional, you can get excellent results in just minutes using QuickShow. The software is packed with simple yet powerful features so that you can create both "live" and pre-programmed laser shows faster and easier than ever before.

Main features
  • frame, shape, text and clock editors
  • 80 workspace pages
  • 1 track
  • 1 media track
  • 9 projectors
  • 30 projection zones
  • DMX
  • APC mini support