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These new diodes offer identical size beams across all colours and uniformity of their profiles, resulting in well defined and clean projections.


The current Atom chassis is 30% lighter, significantly smaller and more robust than its predecessor and most conventional projectors in its class.

iF Award Winner

The latest build is compact, relatively light and tough.

Based on the latest laser technology and fitted with many unique but practical features of Kvant Lasers, this machine is ready to tackle all those large-scale laser displays at tours and festivals.

42 watts


30 kpps


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Atom 42

Robust and powerful, engineered and sophisticated.
The Atoms are well balanced from about every aspect, including their cost-efficiency.

Atom units are structurally designed the same way as our world-class Spectrums, using the same innovative foamed aluminium material for the chassis, but with a few differences that allow for a more economical price tag.
The latest Atom is a fine-crafted semiconductor FAC-diode based full-colour laser display system that provides its user with powerful output, unified beams, crisp colours, and advanced control features and connections.

The Atoms emit beams with unrivalled divergence while maintaining guaranteed power output across the entire scanning range. This is something pretty unique that not many other manufacturers can guarantee.

Our Atoms already showed their potential in power demanding applications while we manage to keep their sales price at a reasonable level.

Atom 42 specification table

Source | Type:

Semiconductor laser diode | Full-colour RGB laser projector


Outdoor laser displays [atmospheric, abstract, text, animations]

System control:

FB4-SK [Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA | PC, Lighting Console or Autoplay]

Optional factory upgrades

Included in the package

Included in the package_Kvant Atom 42 and 58 Laser Projector_icon

Laser projector

Included in the package_KVANT AC power cable_icon

AC power cable

Included in the package_Kvant Ethernet cable_icon

Ethernet cable

Included in the package_Kvant Emergency STOP with XLR cable_icon

E-STOP with XLR cable

Included in the package_Kvant interlock connector_icon

Interlock [US only]

Included in the package_Kvant Heavy duty flight case_icon

Heavy-duty flight case

Included in the package_Kvant laser safety keys_icon

Safety keys

Included in the package_Kvant USB drive with User manual_icon

USB drive with Manual

Included in the package_Kvant USB drive with User manual_icon

QC certificate

Included in the package_Kvant FREE Pangolin QuickShow laser control software_icon

Free QuickShow

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