Focus On - SafetyScan Audience Scanning Lens by Pangolin

Pangolin SafetyScan Lens for safe audience scanning laser shows

SafetyScan Audience Scanning Lens by Pangolin

Pangolin Audience Safety Scan Lens for Safe Laser Shows

When producing an audience scanning laser show, safety is important. Having the correct control measures in place and ensuring you are not harming yourself or others.

As a professional laserist, you should be careful when projecting laser beams into an audience. This is why Pangolin have developed the Safety Scan Lens. Their patented Safety Scan Lenses were designed to help make your shows safer, while at the same time allowing your shows maintain a high level of visual impact.

The Safety Scan Lens is a half lens, which will increase the divergence of the laser beam as it is projected downward, into audience areas. Due to the fact that it is a half lens, laser beams are not affected when they are projected overhead. Thus, the end result is that you are able to create a stunning laser light show, and keep the beams which project on the audience at an enjoyable and safe level.

Measuring your laser beam output is important, you need to ensure that you are working under the allowed (MPE) Exposure limits, even with SafetyScan you could be protecting powerful laser light, so this should always be checked. You can use devices such as our LaserCheck or different laser meters on the market. 

Using SafetyScan in conjunction with the Scan Fail device on our FB4 Line of Kvant Projectors and having the option of PASS (Professional Audience Safety System) installed helps monitor laser power, scanner signals and other projector related parameters, to ensure your laser show is safe. PASS is primarily used to ensure the safety of audience scanning style laser shows, where the laser beam comes in direct contact with people watching the show.

These precision manufactured lenses allow users to increase laser brightness on effects used to scan audiences, without increasing potentially harmful exposure levels. They increase the beam divergence by a set amount, providing a very effective means of keeping effects below the exposure safety limits (MPE).

Half Round SafetyScan Lens by Pangolin for Kvant Projectors

They are designed to be mounted at the laser projector’s scanner output, acting on beams that travel below the horizon and softening power density of these beams.

Six different strengths of the lens are available, allowing the divergence of the beams used in the audience scanning effects to be adjusted as necessary by the environment.

At a short projection distance, such as in nightclubs, it will likely require one of the thicker lenses (-4 to -6) to increase the divergence on the lower audience scanning beams.

In larger venues when scanning over greater distances, one of the lesser strength lenses (-1 to -3) will most likely be suitable.

You can watch how to install the SafetyScan lens & bracket below.

To place an order for the lens kit, single lens or suitable bracket for your Kvant system follow the link here  |   01327 708987

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