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What is QuickShow and why is it used for Laser Shows?

Whether you are new to lasers, or have years of experience, QuickShow Laser Control Software adapts to your user level & progressed journey with laser light. The software is simple to use, can adapt to your needs and straightforward to achieve the laser cue states or lighting scenes you require for your show. QuickShow gives you, the user and designer of the show the ability to create or use pre defined cues and output content from your Laser system with straight forward steps while having safety aspects of the software onboard to keep you running laser shows 100% safe. But there is far more power in QuickShow than simply triggering cues. The next level is the unique QuickTools, which are used to make custom cues such as auto-traced artwork, beam effects, and abstract shapes. For example, the

QuickText tool makes a variety of scrolling and waving text in easily selectable fonts, colors and Effects. Finally, for the ultimate in customization, use Advanced Tools for professional-level features such as cue layering and sequencing, automatic beat triggering, timelines for syncing to pre-recorded music, triggering DMX channels, and controlling up to six FB3 interface controlled projectors.

Pangolin Laser Systems FB3 Interface is the Gateway device between the Software & your Laser system via ILDA Cable.

When we mention an FB3 we also mention QuickShow laser software, the reason being that an FB3 can be a gateway of unlocking the laser control software and allows you to run a 25 Pin ILDA cable to your laser or of up to 6 laser units via 6 FB3’s for individual control. You can also daisy chain ILDA cable from laser system to laser system (if your projector has the correct inputs & outputs for this). The FB3 Interface is the connection device that converts computer code to laser talk, it simply connects to your Show Laptop or Desktop Computer via the USB connection. You can also use an FB3 as a Beyond Laser Software gateway interface. If you are interested in Direct DMX Control, ArtNet, AutoPlay & Scheduled Events, you may be interested in our FB4 range which also unlocks QuickShow laser software and runs over networking.


We talk about all things FB4 & how this hardware benefits your Laser Show.

FB4 is a network hardware from Pangolin, that opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for professional laser show control. FB4 DMX allows you to run your laser shows in a complete network setup (using standard CAT5 or CAT6 cable). It can also be controlled using DMX or ArtNet. And it features on-board SD card memory (for automatic show playback). You can operate FB4 DMX from a lighting console, PC, or in auto-mode. The full color OLED display on FB4 DMX also provides control over a variety of projector settings (including colours, safety, geometric correction and more). FB4 also comes with the award-winning QuickShow laser control software absolutely FREE and Upgrades to different versions of Beyond laser control software are readily available. FB4 is an industry standard go to piece of hardware for Professional Laser Show control, it ticks a lot of boxes that laser users, technicians, operators and laser or lighting designers require and some other hardware on the market doesn’t come close to the control ability of FB4. Pangolin and Kvant understand that having a great product is good, but without expert client support backing it, it can be let down. This is why we stand by all the products we supply and if you ever have any questions, issues or would like to know more about if the FB4 can achieve a certain scenario we are on hand to help and support you.

FB4 Options 

FB4 is a customizable OEM hardware device that can be configured in different ways based on your needs as a client. FB4 was originally designed to be installed directly inside of your laser projector, thus giving you the option of entirely eliminating the ILDA (DB-25 cable) from your show setup and allowing you to operate your laser more like a standard lighting fixture. FB4 can also be built into a standalone enclosure which we call FB4 External, if you wish to use the hardware outside of the laser projector. At Kvant UK we supply FB4 built into our projector range, this Includes Clubmax, Atom, Spectrum, LogoLas, Burstberry & the up and coming Unity Laser Display Series. If you hear or see FB4-SK mentioned, this means that it is a specially customised version of our FB4 control hardware, specifically developed for Pangolin & KVANT laser projectors.If you read about or see FB4 External, this comes in different enclosures, Clip Ons for Non FB4 Kvant Laser Projectors, Kvant FB4 External with DUAL ILDA outputs and Pangolins own FB4 External which we have in UK Stock for next day delivery. FB4 External | Pangolin includes the FB4 main board, network control port, SD card memory, full color OLED display, and DMX daughterboard (for DMX-in, and DMX-through) in an external enclosure.

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