Water Screen | Curtain

Sale price£2,473.00

This water screen with 3 nozzle lines creates a cool projection surface for laser graphic and holographic shows. It is suitable mainly for indoor shows where it can be fixed to a ceiling or likewise.

Basic information

  • The length of a single segment is 3 meters.
  • Segments can be joined together.
  • The body is made of Al composite 5754.
  • Each segment has 990 water jets (thread size M6).
  • The internal jet diameter is 1.75mm; jets are made of plastic.

Main features

  • Easy connectivity to water pump via coupler.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • The jet replacement in case of damage or blockage is quick and easy.

What's included in the package

  • 3-meter water-screen segment.
  • 10-meter 1-inch hose.
  • 1-inch blinding plug (for use with a single screen).
  • Quick clamps for the hose.
  • 10x spare jet.
  • Drainage valve.

Optional accessories

  • Truss fittings, including clamps and console.
  • Set of bolts for joining segments together.
  • Screen-to-screen water hose (for the use between two segments).
  • Pump-to-screen water hose.
  • Suitable water pump (can be supplied by us only after consultation with the customer).