Pangolin BEYOND License Upgrade

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Required upgrade: Essentials to Advanced

Required upgrade

Upgrade your current Pangolin BEYOND software to a more powerful version for more features and more efficient and effective laser show production.

What is BEYOND?

BEYOND is a multimedia software package that helps you to integrate lasers into any setup and combine those lasers with other show components such as audio, video, pyro, and other special effects.

BEYOND allows you to design all types of laser effects - from aerial beam effects to graphics, text, logos, 3D animated objects, laser mapping sequences, and more.

Pangolin BEYOND laser control software comes in three levels - Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate.

Differences between versions of BEYOND

The entry-level software from Pangolin for professional laser displays is the BEYOND Essentials. Not much more expensive than the QuickShow package, it offers many more features, allowing you to dive into the world of true laserists.

Additional features to QuickShow
  • synth, write out and advanced timeline editors
  • picture tracer, multi-effect, performance tuning
  • 128 workspace pages, secondary grid
  • 40 track
  • 2 media tracks
  • BUS tracks
  • video playback, cue & effects list
  • ST2000 shows import
  • 10 projectors
  • 60 projection zones
  • distributed scanning
  • EmuLaser
  • ArtNet, sCAN, OSC
  • TC2000, Gamepad
  • multi-zone effects, physics
  • external visualiser support
  • universe
  • U-MAX
  • APC40 (MK2) support, map creation
  • Timecode