Connecting cities together is easy with Kvant lasers

Connecting cities together is easy with Kvant lasers

The following installation was done in cooperation with Joy Project during Viva festival in southern Italy.

Towns Martina Franca, Locorotondo and Cisternino were interconnected with some vivid laser beams to express their symbolical alliance.
The distances covered with lasers were 5, 8 and 11 km. For this we used our iconic 20W OPSL systems Kvant Maxim 20, equipped the new laser beam expander from our custom development department. As you can see on the following pictures, the results were very punchy and it’s quite obvious that much greater distances could be covered easily.

If you are looking for a laser that will be very bright even at tens of kilometres viewing distance, then look no further than here.
With Kvant’s 7-15x laser beam expander it's possible to adjust the beam divergence down to as little as 0.02 mrad at full angle when used with OPSL systems.
This means that the beam diameter will expand by only 2 cm per each kilometre of laser beam's journey, making it possible to utilise even medium power systems for very long projection distances.

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