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Pangolin BEYOND Ultimate Licence

What is BEYOND

BEYOND is the world's most powerful laser and multimedia control software. Lighting professionals of all kinds use it to design, create, program, visualize and render laser effects.

BEYOND is a proper multimedia software package created to help make it easy for you to integrate lasers into any setup and combine those lasers with audio, video, pyro, and other special effects.

BEYOND allows you to design all types of laser effects - from aerial beam effects to graphics, text, logos, 3D animated objects, laser mapping sequences, and more.

Advanced Live Control

BEYOND has the world's most advanced live laser show engine, with incredible support for MIDI, DMX and ArtNet devices. But, it supports all major industry protocols.

BEYOND communication protocols

A true Multimedia Timeline

The BEYOND Multimedia Timeline allows you to combine laser, video, audio, DMX lighting and more, all in one easy to use and convenient place. Because of this, BEYOND is widely used throughout the lighting industry as the central control system for complete multimedia show performances (combining lasers, video, lighting, audio, pyro and more).

Beyond 5.0 TimeLine

Laser control for Lighting Designers

Control lasers from pretty much any lighting console out there.


BEYOND Software Integrations


BEYOND Visualiser Integrations

3D Laser animations and content

BEYOND 3D is an advanced 3D animation and editing program designed specifically for laser displays. Using BEYOND 3D, you can create animated 3D laser content, as well as 3D laser text, graphics and logos.

BEYOND 3D is also compatible with other 3D animation and drawing programs, including 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, and others that support the FBX file format.

Advanced Drawing Program and Frame Editor

BEYOND includes an advanced drawing program and frame editor that makes creating custom content and editing existing content easier than ever before. It works similarly to the popular Photoshop program but was designed specifically to support laser content and frames.

Advanced Drawing Program and Frame Editor in Beyond 5.0

Laser Mapping

Our advanced geometric correction tools and free form mesh make the mapping of nearly any device you can think of easier than ever before.

Abstract Generators

BEYOND comes with two different abstract editors that can be used to create absolutely stunning abstract laser displays.

Interactive laser displays

Make your lasers move with your body movement. BEYOND's powerful interactive laser features allow you to create truly interactive laser light shows.

Customize BEYOND for your needs with PangoScript Tool

PangoScript is a tool inside of BEYOND that allows you to access the software's core and customize it to meet your needs. Using PangoScript, you can write individual code commands to execute just about any function you can imagine.

BEYOND Universe

The BEYOND Universe is an exciting feature that allows you to create customized workspaces within the software to meet your specific show needs. For example, suppose you wanted to have a protected (locked) workspace for a client with specific sliders for colours, brightness, rotation, DMX triggers, etc. All this is possible using the BEYOND Universe.

BEYOND software is available in three levels

As a BEYOND client, you can also upgrade your software between the different levels as you see fit. And this can be done at any time.


There are two distinct purchasing options for BEYOND software, giving you the freedom to choose which method or option works best for you.

With a Lifetime License, you own the software for life and can use it as long as you desire (so long as your computer operating system remains compatible).

With a Rental License, you can choose the duration of time you want to use the software and pay as you go. We offer a 1-month rental license on the site. But we can also customize the time if needed or desired (please contact us if you have a unique time request).

BEYOND License Types

  • Hardware
  • Internet
  • PCID (development and testing purposes)

Hardware License - When you choose this option, BEYOND software is licensed to your Pangolin hardware device. Hardware licenses are great for Permanent installs, touring, or client's who prefer a "dongle style" setup and independence from the internet (offline).

Internet License - When you choose this option, BEYOND software is licensed to your user account. This type of license is great for clients who prefer flexibility in their license structure and may desire to move the license from one PC to another.

How does the purchasing work?

The BEYOND software is purchased in our webshop, and after you complete the checkout, you will receive the license code via email from our server within 24 hours.

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