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Monsoon Clubmax

Monsoon Clubmax

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  • all-weather protection

  • durable tough construction with aperture heating element

  • suitable for KVANT Clubmax series lasers (and some others)

Monsoon from KVANT is a robust and durable enclosure that will protect your delicate equipment, such as laser projectors, against harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures and high humidity. Structurally, it is very tough in all directions.
Its galvanised steel construction makes it suitable for permanent indoor & outdoor installations in almost any climate and environment. Monsoon's IP65 design, automatic temperature control management and quality air filters ensure protection against heat, cold, rain, snow, sand and dust.

KVANT Monsoon | Product video

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Product name: KVANT Monsoon Clubmax
Ingress protection rating: IP65 [Certification in progress]
Operation temperature [°C]: -20 to 40
Housing colour: RAL 9010 as standard, other RAL colours on request
Laser safety: Laser Class 4 stickers
Size [mm]: 460 x 590 x 780 [WxHxD]
Shipping size [mm]: 1200 x 930 x 800 [WxHxD]
Weight [kg] - enclosure: 20
Weight [kg] - mounting bracket: 5
Shipping weight [kg]: 40 [can vary slightly upon packaging materials]
Supplied accessories: AC power cable, 3-pin XLR remote cable, Ethernet cable, 17/19mm spanner, mounting bracket
Supplied spare parts: Air-filter
Available spare parts: Aperture AR glass, air-filter
Supplied cable length: 10 metres
Casing construction: Two-ply with 30-50mm inner insulation foam
Aperture size [mm]: 134 x 79, 4mm thick AR glass
Aperture heating: Internal; regulated with a thermostat
Aperture protection: Top-side aperture overlap
Ventilation: 3 to 6 cooling fans [depending on model of laser system], each 220m3/h; 71dBA
Airflow outlet: Front-side, below the output aperture
Air-conditioning: External AC unit - available from 9/2021
Power requirements [V] | Input: 100-230/50-60Hz
Max. power consumption [VA]: 340
Electrical safety: 1x RCD, 1x circuit-breaker
Maximum tilt [degrees]: 45 on both axes
Inside equipment fixings: Rubber-feet slots, ratchet strap
Access restriction: Lid lockable with 2 locks with hatches
Production schedule: 4-5 weeks


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