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Winners of Laser Display Industry Survey

Some did get involved and some were lucky!

We thank all of you who participated in our Laser Display Industry Survey. It provided us with some incredibly valuable information about the industry as a whole, but also it gave us some good indication about what you, laser users, want and need.

We also congratulate to all the winners and wish them all the best in the creation and production of their laser displays!

The WINNERS are:

1st prize - Clubmax 6000 FB4 laser display system

Jaan K. from Estonia

2nd prize - 30% discount on up to 3 standard Kvant laser display systems of winner’s choice 

Chris H. [USA]
Jan M. [Germany]
Joan S. [Spain]

3rd prize - 20% discount on up to 2 standard Kvant laser display systems of winner’s choice

Liam S. [Ireland]
Stuart F. [Australia]
Noel P. [Belgium]
Kevin B. [Germany]
Vladimir V. [Slovakia]
Christian M. [Switzerland]

All winners will be contacted by one of our representatives soon.