The new version of Motorised Dichroic Filters arrives

The new version of Motorised Dichroic Filters arrives

During the past few years, all the Atom and Spectrum systems could be factory fitted with a set of motorised dichroic filters, allowing their users to align colours electronically; either from Beyond software or from built-in FB4 control interface.

This has proven to be an excellent tool for many laserists as it makes the beam alignment easy and accessible at any time.

Motorised Dichroic Filters KVANT

The newly developed version of dichroic mounts comes with some significant improvements over the original design, making this tool even more sophisticated:

  • Three times finer movement resolution - allows for super-fine alignment even for long-distance projections.
  • High operational reliability - due to the new construction where there is no pressure occurring on the motor shaft, this assembly is virtually fail-proof.
  • Manual alignment - in emergencies, it is also possible to align the filters manually with 2mm hex key.

The new dichroic filters are currently available for all Atom, Spectrum, LD, RGBY and LD-RGBY systems.

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