Kvant with Avolites, GrandMA and ChamSys | @ LDI 2018

Kvant with Avolites, GrandMA and ChamSys | @ LDI 2018

Avolites, GrandMA and ChamSys have personality for Kvant laser projectors that are equipped with inbuilt FB4 controller.

This means that above mentioned lighting consoles offer full and direct control of Kvant systems via DMX and ArtNET.


Kvant @ LDI 2018

The setup of our booth was aimed at professional lighting designers, mainly to present how easy it is to program and control our lasers from lighting consoles via DMX and ArtNET.

The whole show was controlled from GrandMA and included the following laser systems:

Kvant laser light show mapping at LDI 2018

The laser mapping was performed onto the top section of the booth.


There were four workstations available for the visitors to play with, including three with desks from Avolites, GrandMA and ChamSys.

On the display there was also Logolas 3000 and Spectrum 20 with optional external optical bench attached.


Kvant projectors come with undoubtably sharper and nicer beams than all other systems showed here at LDI. The difference is clearly visible at first look!

Andrew Tock, LDI 2018


Thanks to all our visitors for stopping by and for their evaluation which we appreciate the most.


Autumn 2018 special offer on lasers Kvant

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