Juventus Stadium laser display

Juventus Stadium laser display

Large scale laser projected animation display by Kvant

Juventus Stadium, Turin, Italy (Phillips presentation)

Our show production department was appointed by SuperFX (Italy) to deliver a large scale laser projected animation display, covering the whole playing field of Juventus football stadium during their match with Inter Milan. It was clearly specified that the supplied laser show must be smooth, flicker free and with nicely balanced colours.

Not exactly an easy task, we say!

To fulfil all the requirements of our customer and at the same time impress nearly 42,000 spectators plus many hundreds of thousands of football fans watching the event live on TV, this project required the best available technology and expertise.

The most challenging part was definitely the synchronisation of all 12x KVANT Spectrum 30 laser projectors so they would produce one perfectly seamless laser animation of that size.

This was only possible by using the most advanced technology currently available on the market.

Juventus laser display show

KVANT Spectrum 30 - high power OPSL/Diode based lasers with the inbuilt Pangolin FB4 laser control system running Beyond Ultimate software were used. Proving again to be the correct and possibly the only solution, which in the hands of our experienced show programmers lead to 100% success of the whole project.

It took a crew of 5 people three days to install and align all of the equipment so the 1.5 minute long pre-programmed show could be played twice during the evening and wow the crowd.

We would like to thank SuperFX again for giving us the opportunity to attempt this challenging and complex project. We look forward to our future collaboration.

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