How to: Successful corporate laser display shows

How to: Successful corporate laser display shows

Making corporate laser displays as powerful as possible!

Many corporate clients will most likely tell you, that they want to get the best corporate laser show including effects never seen before. That’s obviously nearly impossible, but also quite subjective from their perspective so don’t worry too much about it! Every corporate laser display show can be designed and performed so it takes the audience off their seats or feet and turns their evening into a memorable experience. You just need to know how to do that.

Here’s a few tips that will hopefully help you to steer your show the right direction:

  • Take the client’s idea and try to boost it with additional multimedia and other features like 3D mapping and special FX. This will almost definitely impress your client and open you the door to their satisfaction.​
  • Make sure that the timing of your amazing corporate laser show within the whole event is chosen correctly. If people are hungry, there’s not much that will make them jumping up & down but a nice meal. On the other hand, after a few drinks they won’t appreciate your effort so much as they won’t be able to concentrate on the show and get the point. So - the time of deployment is critical.
  • The timing of individual effects must be super-precise! Normally, the audience for corporate laser shows will be seated comfortably, reasonably sober and expecting something unusual.
    That means that their senses for what they see and hear will be quite sharp = every mistake in programming, every missed beat and every boring sequence of the show will be noted and later scrutinised.
  • Using a company’s logo and corporate colours is a matter of course, but needs to be handled with care. Using too much of these features will make the show simply too corporate, rather than entertaining. And you want to mainly entertain the spectators rather than brainwash them.
  • Colours! Make sure all the colours across all laser light show systems in a given setup are matching perfectly (check out our special feature called Colour Balance display mode used in all FB4 equipped Clubmax, Atom and Spectrum systems). It looks horrible if yellow or white is different on every system.
  • Take great care about spelling mistakes when creating content using text - that kind of mistake will kill even the best show and make you feel extremely uncomfortable.
  • Keep the length of the show at around 5 minutes at most. This of course depends on many factors but even the best shows can get easily boring when too long.

Some good examples of successful corporate laser and multimedia shows designed and performed by Kvant can be found below:

VW Open Days (laser beam show, kinetic balls tracked by lasers, laser bars)

Dreams (laser beam show, laser mapping and other SFX)

BMW 7 introduction in Slovakia ("holographic-like" laser projection onto a water screen)

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