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FREE Burstberry offer

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KVANT Burstberry is a self-contained laser & lighting fixture, designed to be used in multi-head configurations and controlled mainly from lighting desk via Artnet. Because of Pangolin FB4 controller integration, Burstberry and other Kvant systems are supported by all major lighting desk manufacturers.

As well as being fully equipped RGB laser display system, each Burstberry also offers Beam Burst (Starburst) effect and white-LED blinder.

The individual Burstberry units can be attached one to another from 12 different directions, making it possible to create Burstberry clusters in pretty much any shape required.

Kvant Burstberry laser light
Is he picking some Burstberries?

Although Burstberry can be used very effectively as a stand-alone laser system, the power of it lies in a multiple unit setup and amazing effects that Burstberry clusters can perform. Due to its beam size and very low beam divergence, it is also an ideal system for supporting high power lasers on large stages.

The concept of several laser display units synchronised together has been around for a while. But none of the existing Burstberry alternatives will offer you such refined visual output, effectivity and flexibility.

All Burstberry features brought together represent a new type of a lighting fixture - the one that can provide you with some truly staggering visual effects.

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