Corporate show for Heluz

Corporate show for Heluz

Astonishing multimedia display

Mikulov’s Brick

25th anniversary corporate show

Customer: Heluz (brick manufacturer)

Location: Mikulov, Czech Republic

Date: 17/5/2017

Used laser display equipment:

2 x KVANT Spectrum 30
2 x KVANT Spectrum 20
5 x KVANT Atom 12

Services supplied by Kvant included laser beam show, laser graphics and laser mapping. Other services including video mapping and pyro were supplied by Art4Promotion.

All the elements of the show were time coded.

The laser crew counted 3 personnel and it took them 2 days to set up and program the show.

The show music was split into two parts where the part with lasers was dynamic. The other part of the show with vocals and grand piano was accompanied with video projection.

The laser scene began with some fine architectonic mapping of the building lines and slowly transformed into technical drawings of the same building. Then we added some atmospherical laser effects to the show as well as laser projected Heluz company logo.

The show graduated with 25th anniversary sign being lit up with fire, several flames were shot and then the grand finale was nailed down with proper fireworks display supported with our lasers.

The private crowd of about 200 spectators gave us some wild ovations and we thank them for that!

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