Beam alignment with Motorised Dichroic Filters

Beam alignment with Motorised Dichroic Filters

One of the most time consuming activities for any laser display professional is surely the beam alignment of individual colours in the system (usually Red, Green and Blue). If you are a perfectionist same as we are, you probably know that precisely aligned beams are must to maintain the exact colours and sharp beams.

But of course, taking the lid off your laser system down every time it needs the alignment can be annoying and stressful. And sometimes even impossible due to the position of the laser system.

So, we at Kvant came up with a solution to this - Motorised Dichroic Filters optional upgrade.

Watch the following video for more information.

This upgrade can be done to both LD and standard models of all Atom, Spectrum and Spectrum RGBY laser projectors and makes the beam alignment more or less fun. The alignment can be performed either from inbuilt control interface at rear panel, or remotely via Beyond control software.

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