Architect Sky Lasers Introduction

Architect Sky Lasers Introduction

Our Sky Lasers are designed to illuminate landmarks, significant structures, and buildings.

We call them Architects; they are built into the IP67 rated industrial-grade chassis and are suitable for permanent outdoor installations.

The Architect projectors are incredibly bright and vivid static single-beam Sky lasers.
This Architect range starts at 270 Watt and goes all the way up to enormous 900 Watt RGB full-colour power output. And, of course, we can build for you anything in between, as required.

The beam coming out of the Architect system will draw attention from many miles away and beyond.
It will add a great deal of sublimity to already majestic nature-made, or human-made objects, making them even more unique, appealing and desirable.

This amount of laser power requires powerful cooling. That is why we use closed-circuit low-volume water cooling here. But no worries - it's not that old-school laser water cooling used decades ago, which required a vast amount of running water! This one is similar to water-cooled computers.

And what about controlling the power output and colours?
You can easily control them via the supplied analogue 0-5 Volts signal controller or an optional DMX control module.


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