22 years ago..

22 years ago..

Oh yeah, we celebrate!

On the 13th of July it’s been exactly 22 years since Kvant company and brand was founded and it was 22 great and exciting years.

But the time has changed and the face of world-wide business too and so we had to adapt to it to be able to provide you, our customers, with level of services and quality of products you expect from us.

In the past year we delivered to you over 1,000 professional laser display units, we increased number of employees from 110 to 140, out of which 70 are working just on the laser side of the business. We also brought to you the new Clubmax FB4 as well as many other innovations. Our show team produced over 50 large scale shows and this year we are also hosting the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) conference.

We are moving forward and our things are obviously happening. Don’t stay behind and move with us, to make your things happen too.

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