2017 ILDA Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia

2017 ILDA Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia

When important laser people get together..

This year we hosted the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) gathering.

We received eight prestigious ILDA awards during the ceremony and that was the highest number of ILDA awards received in 2017 by a single business entity (thumbs up!).

List of our 2017 awards:

1st place - Football Player of the 2015 (Live TV Show)
1st place - Medusa Sunbeach 2016 (Music Festival Show)
2nd place - ProLight and Sound 2016 (Live Stage Show)
2nd place - VUB Laserart - White Night (Laser Fine Art)
2nd place - Getshow in China (Atmospherics Show for Multiple Scanner Projectors)
2nd place - Decodom (Corporate Show)
3rd place - VW Tiguan (Corporate Show)
3rd place - Circle (Laser Photography)

The conference was followed by annual meeting of Kvant distributors - thanks all for coming.

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