ArtNET and DMX - new ways of laser control

ArtNET and DMX - new ways of laser control

ArtNET to DMX or DMX to ArtNET or none?

The big thing is, that all the latest Kvant laser projectors can be now controlled directly via ArtNET and DMX smart networks. From now on you can perform live laser shows controlling Kvant laser projectors as normal lighting fixtures; that is - directly from your lighting console such as Avolites, GrandMA and ChamSys. And all that, without a PC that runs a laser control and programming software.

The personality profiles for Kvant lasers (those with inbuilt Pangolin FB4 control interface) are available for all above mentioned lighting consoles and the list is growing.
This applies to all FB4 fitted laser display systems of series Clubmax, Atom, Spectrum, Maxim, Logolas and Burstberry.

This is obviously a massive improvement in laser display control technology and brings Kvant lasers on the doorstep of virtually every professional lighting designer. From now on, getting vast numbers of lasers on stage and having them under control of single lighting person, will be a piece of cake.

Inbuilt special version of Pangolin FB4 control interface accepts both ArtNET and DMX protocols, so there’s no need to interface DMX to ArtNET or vice versa, unless you want to of course.

Kvant laser projector uses about 40 DMX channels, depending on exact model and optional features installed, such as diffraction grating or white LED blinder which are standard features of Burstberry RGB laser show projectors.

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