Masters of Hardcore

Masters of Hardcore

Vienna’s Masters of Hardcore was at full-power thanks to our laser show that every year makes this night truly explode!

For this project we used 10 x KVANT Clubmax 10 FB4 lasers, 20 x laser bars, 4 x Sparkular Fountains, 4 s Sparkular Falls controlled by Pangolin Systems Beyond + backup, and the new GrandMA 3.

(Masters of Hardcore)_1
(Masters of Hardcore)_2
(Masters of Hardcore)_3
(Masters of Hardcore)_4
(Masters of Hardcore)_5
(Masters of Hardcore)_6
(Masters of Hardcore)_7
(Masters of Hardcore)_8
(Masters of Hardcore)_9
(Masters of Hardcore)_10
(Masters of Hardcore)_11
(Masters of Hardcore)_12
(Masters of Hardcore)_13
(Masters of Hardcore)_14

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