KVANT laser display systems and laser show production news.

The prices of all KVANT laser systems stay the same

There's one really great thing about manufacturing in Europe and that's the stability of prices of your products. Surely the price can change for the end-user customer depending on exchange rates between Euro and Dollar or Pound Sterling. But the basic cost of manufacturing is more or less the same when you do everything locally.

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KVANT ClubMax - a new range of lasers

New KVANT ClubMax range consist of four full colour laser systems producing 800mW, 1.8W, 3W and 6W of pure diode laser power.

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How we build lasers for you

Have you ever wondered how we manufacture your lasers here at KVANT? Watch this short video and see how it is done; all the way from your order to dispatch. And the whole process takes place in Slovakia.

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