Burstberry allows you to create a new types of effects never seen before!

Basic specification

Suitable for: indoor/outdoor laser displays
Control signal: Ethernet, ArtNet
Scanning system: ScannerMAX 506 Compact | 36kpps @ 8° [see Options below]
Safety: fully complies with the latest EN 60825-1, FDA regulations and TUV Laser Safety.
Weight: 3.8kg
Dimensions WHD [mm]: 161 | 161 | 300
Package includes: Pangolin QuickShow 4.0 laser control software, power lead, 10M Ethernet signal cable, E-STOP remote with 10M cable, set of 4 safety keys, interlock connector, USB with PDF manual.
R | G | B [mW]: 300 | 700 | 1200 [*see note]
Beam size [mm]: 5 x 5
Beam divergence: <0.4mrad [full angle]
Modulation: analog, up to 50kHz
Power requirements: 100-230V/50Hz
Consumption: max. 300VA
Operation temperature: 10-40 °C
System features: All the adjustments such as power output of each colour, X & Y axes invert, X & Y size and position, etc. are managed by the inbuilt FB4 control system.
Scanning system protection, a daisy chain of emergency STOP signal for multiple system "one-hit" operation.
Laser safety features: Keyed interlock, emission delay, magnetic interlock, scan-fail safety, V-RAD 506 mechanical shutter | reaction time <20ms, adjustable aperture masking plate.
*Due to Advanced Optical Correction technology used in our laser systems the optical power output of each laser colour within the system may slightly differ from the specification of respective laser module(s) installed. This does not affect the total guaranteed power output.


Compact in size, being a fully equipped RGB laser display system with inbuilt burst effect and 3W white LED blinder - that’s Kvant Burstberry. Allowing you to create a new types of effects never seen before.

With our new Burstberry you can now easily create all the super-cool laser effects that seemed impossible to accomplish before.
Controlling a complex setup made of many Burstberries is now so simple thanks to the control via ArtNet protocol.

The system is designed to work as a multi-head laser system and can be assembled into virtually any geometrical formation.

Individual units can be physically clipped together from 6 different directions, which makes it possible to create more or less any kind of shape you can imagine.

Here are 12 Burstberry features to acknowledge:
  • Burstberry is a powerful full-colour scanning laser 2.4 times brighter than comparable systems.
  • A cluster of several Burstberries offers phenomenal graphical performance.
  • Burstberry has a rotating diffraction grating effect.
  • Burstberry has powerful LED blinder.
  • Burstberry is controlled from a lighting desk or a PC. Autoplay mode is also available.
  • Burstberry is compatible with our SafetyScan lens attachment.
  • Optical diffraction element is also available for Burstberry.
  • Burstberry is compact, relatively light and robust.
  • Optional spread plates are used to create a gap between adjacent Burstberries if needed.
  • Six Burstberry units are packed in a single flight case, making them very easy and economical to transport.
  • The FB4 control interface is built-in as standard, making Burstberry compatible with all major lighting desk manufacturers.
  • Beam alignment mechanism is easily accessible via a slot located on the side of Burstberry.
You get FREE Burstberry flight case for 6 units with each set of six Burstberries purchased in a single transaction.

Full Description


To make the most of your laser, see below for additional options.


1. Cardboard box
2. Burstberry flight case for 2 units

This heavy-duty ABS plastic flight case takes 2 Burstberry laser display units and protects them from all kinds of transportation and handling abuse risks.

For spacing BBs apart

Burstberry Spacer/Connector plate - set of 2

This spacer/connector is used to create a gap between adjacent Burstberries to spread them apart when necessary.

Secondary output

Diffraction Grating lens - LINE

An additional magnetic lens for Burstberry's interchangeable secondary aperture. This lens provides you with the diffraction LINE effect.

Additional diffraction

Main aperture Diffraction Grating set

The set includes the main aperture Diffraction Grating element and set of 3 different diffraction lenses (for GRID, LINE and LUMINA effects).
The grating element is easy to fit over the main aperture and for the operation uses the secondary aperture rotating mechanism. Swapping the lenses one for another is also easy and takes only a few seconds.


SafetyScan lens bracket

Our SafetyScan lens bracket is compatible with all current KVANT lasers.
It allows you to fit the Pangolin SafetyScan lens onto the primary aperture of the laser display projector.
When the lens is installed correctly, it increases the divergence of the laser beam when scanning downward into the audience.
It allows you to create a stunning laser show and keep the beams that are projected into the audience at safer levels while not affecting the overhead beams at all.

Show Options


Burstberry technical specification sheet
1 MB
HOW TO start KVANT laser display system [Manuals]
647.97 KB
KVANT Burstberry - user manual [v030719] [Manuals]
2.41 MB


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