Best European disco clubs

Best European disco clubs

Kvant laser display systemsWhich European cities are the top party destinations? Where does majority of exclusive parties happen? Which country is the party kingdom of Europe? And which clubs are the best and why?

Most of the clubs we went to we didn’t visit as party audience, but as those that were involved in creation of that amazing party atmosphere - supplying laser display systems and/or laser shows.
We’ve been involved in this for over two decades and we trust our opinion so much, that we decided to put together the list of top 3 European party clubs - based on our experience and exploration.
We’ve travelled a lot and not only across our continent - we've been to almost everywhere. But here we are looking for the best of good old Europe.

The great places that will get you some of the best parties in the world are for sure Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Ibiza and London. But there are also some great clubs in less known party destinations such as Budapest or Zagreb in Croatia.

Top 3 European night clubs according to Kvant guys

Berghain / Panorama Bar, Berlin

Berghain is Berlin’s most famous hardcore electronic music club - it’s hard to get in there, the use of phones is not allowed and people tend to spend there more hours than one would say is healthy. Berghain has developed a reputation as the clubbing Mecca. Entering Berghain is, as many people have described it, a religious experience.

We’ve actually never been there, but the concept seems to be super interesting. The only question is, whether they have some proper club lasers such as KVANT Clubmax installed in there or not. And if not, someone should tell them to get some and have them properly installed and programmed by a laser display specialist!

Amnesia, Ibiza

It’s a true legend! Many times voted as the best club in the world by many different organisations and magazines. 5000 people capacity, custom made sound system and top world DJs - that is Amnesia - an endless inspiration of many other clubs.

Furthermore, back in 2009 KVANT supplied Amnesia club with the ring of 24 Spectrum lasers (equivalent of today’s Clubmax systems) and amazing show production which back in 2009 was quite something, considering the capabilities of laser display control software back in those days.

Top Hill, Budva

We believe this is the best club in two whole Balkan region. It offers unparalleled sea views because the club is situated at top of the hill so the visitors can enjoy sun rise and sun set while party goes on. The owners go for only the best so you can expect crystal clear sound, vivid lighting, quality SFXs and of course some KVANT laser display projectors.

Note: Quality of sound and lighting are the basic pillars of any good club, but when they are nicely mixed with other SFXs including laser displays it elevates party to the next level. Every single special effect can be useful in some situations, but we see the laser displays as very versatile and powerful effect that puts the space into different perspective and they also look smashing on any pictures and videos.