5 tips how to make your party amazing

Top tips for an awesome party!

Surely, when you organise a party or similar kind of event, the main goal is well entertained audience. So if you then your next event, the crowd will be coming back.
Kvant participated in so many events that we feel pretty confident to say what’s good and what’s not. And we decided to share our experience with you and here’s our 5 tips how to make your party amazing.

Space and environment

5 tips how to make your party amazingA good location, nice and theme-suitable internal design and feel of security - all these are important factors that determine how people will feel when they enter the door. 
Even a scrappy old room can be done nicely with little effort and when servicing lights are off and party lasers and lighting are turned on, no one will realise what’s hidden behind the drapes. It all must be clean thought and that’s including toilets - these extremely important.

Security boys should be as professional and friendly as possible throughout the night. We saw many parties being ruined by stupid doormen who thought themselves to be MMA fighters, even got drunk and beaten up someone for very little reason, or got beaten up by someone, because really they were not MMA :D

Anyway, these incidents always ruin the party atmosphere.

Quality sound

A top-notch and professionally installed sound system is the paramount of all smashing parties. Unfortunately, same as with laser display systems, there’s no shortcut you can take. You must go for one of the best. Any compromise in sound quality will affect everything else.
The great thing about quality sound system is that it doesn’t have to play that loud to make you feel the sound. People don’t have to be half deaf in the morning while they can still fully enjoy the music throughout the night; which is not the case of low and mid range sound equipment.
The sound must be crystal clear, punchy, and well balanced without being too noisy.

Some say, the quality of sound is more important than the quality of drinks - and we agree.

Sensible visuals

There’s not many worst things that could be done than turning on all the visual elements at the same time. That will most likely result in a chaotic mixture of all kinds of flashing colours and blurred appearance of the scene. We saw many parties where all the moving heads, strobes, lasers, LED screens and other things were running together and it’s really something what you don’t want to do. It is complete waste of money and technology, but what’s most important - it doesn’t give your audience anything special!
Using all the visual equipment at the same time ruins the performance of each element within the show, creating a flickering, flashing and hazy “show” which is often quite unpleasant to watch.

The visuals must have some logic and you should synchronise them properly together and use them in combinations that elevate their mutual impact on the show.
For example, we recommend to switch off the LED screen when you are using laser display systems if the screen is positioned behind lasers. That way the lasers will stand out nicely, without their visibility being affected by the screen. And the same applies vice versa. The laser beams should not be interfering with what’s being displayed on LED screen.
Alternatively, the laser projection zone can be set in a way so both LED screen and laser display performance are nicely visible and complement each other.

Lasers - quality and safety

The professional lasers aren’t that astronomically expensive anymore and also controlling the lasers became lately quite user friendly. A great example is KVANT Clubmax range which offers outstanding performance, it’s packed with latest technology and comes with TUV laser safety certification. And you can get all that for the price of a pro-level moving head.

The professional laser displays can be seen often at large festivals and concerts, but when it comes to club scene and private parties, they still remain pretty unusual - especially when we are talking about pro-level performance and laser safety competence of laser operators.

So if you decide to go for some lasers (which you should really, because the effect is something unique) reach out for some professionals in the business. When right gear is used, when the safety is done properly and when the laser operator is experienced in what he does, the audience will never forget the night. Lasers are also visually very cool and attractive and because of that, people tend to take a pictures and post them online, which also helps to promote your party on social media.

Hopefully the above tips will help you to make your parties better, more pleasant for your audience and also safer in regards to laser displays.